September Community Gathering

Huge thank you to the nearly 50 people who came out to join the community gathering last Sunday! We had a silent Nyinthun which included a practice of the Sadhana of Mahamudra to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its completion. Then a feast of a potluck to nourish our bodies and enjoy each other’s company. To … Continue 

Statement of Respect and Safety

The text below is the Statement of Respect and Safety which we have posted in our community room. We are posting here on our blog to make it more available and accessible: Our Community Shambhala is a diverse, international community. Our centers are located in different regions of the world, and reflect different nationalities, cultures, … Continue 

From the Director: Leadership Changes

  Dearest Community, Warm Summer greetings to everyone. I’ve been enjoying watching the ducklings and goslings along the Muddy River and how the busy streets come to a halt when they begin to saunter across to find fresh grass. It’s such an interplay of chaos and order! I feel tender as I write this letter … Continue 

Wednesday Night Open House – paused for the summer

EDIT: Check out the new Wednesday drop-in sitting here Dear Sangha, We’re writing to let you know that the regular Wednesday Open House will be closed for renovations over the Summer. Working with the leaders, teachers and staff we decided to pause this program through the slower summer months and come back in the fall … Continue 

Trust in Society Starts With Trust in Self

Given the current state of the world it’s easy – and even makes a kind of sense – not to trust humanity. It will certainly take a lot of work to clarify confusion, repair harm and establish a society more deeply grounded in healthy principles. Perhaps it seems like it will take the spiritual equivalent … Continue 

Get to Know Desung Sara Lewis

Having recently completed a program at the NYC Shambhala Center on Entering the Desung Path, I came away with a strong desire for our community to not only know our own Desung better – but to also share a heart connection with this rich practice based in deep listening and understanding of all-pervasive basic goodness. … Continue 

Shambhala Boston 2017 Finance Summary

The income generated at Shambhala Boston comes from the following four sources: membership dues, program revenue, donations, and other income. Membership Dues: This year, we are highlighting that Patron Contributions (gifts of $1,200 or more annually) account for 23.9% of the overall income. All other membership dues account for an additional 20.1%. Therefore, 45% of … Continue 

Preparing for the Tibetan New Year

Happy 2018 Shambhala Boston! This time of year is a sort of ‘new year limbo’ for Shambhalians – having just started a new Gregorian year while still wrapping up the Tibetan year of the Fire Bird. Instead of trying to think of which new year is true – this is an invitation to remember that … Continue 

Winter 2018 News from the Heart Warriors Club

Hello Shambhala Families!   The Heart Warrior’s Club is off to a great start! We have been meditating using the sound of the gong as our focus, learning about the 4 dignities, and having fun with crafts, movement, and play. We are looking forward to continuing the Club this winter and spring, with more themes … Continue 

BSC staff

Recycle Your Electronics with a Donation to BSC

During this time of year when the world is upgrading gadgets and offering gifts in many forms, the Boston Shambhala Center would like to call upon it’s membership to consider a donation of items that may soon start collecting dust in your life. Beyond physical gifts to the Center there are many ways that your … Continue