Instruction for Organizations and Groups


Introduce your group or organization to meditation.

At the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston, we begin by training in shamatha or mindfulness meditation. This foundational technique allows you to tune into the present moment, at home, at work, or wherever you go in your day to day life.

Meditation practice can be very beneficial in a variety of organizational or workplace settings, including schools, non-profits, hospitals, mental health agencies, and more!

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston has a team of trained meditation instructors who can work with your group or organization either at the Shambhala Center or in your workplace. We are able to tailor sessions based on your group’s needs and interests. 

Group Instruction Form

For groups interested in meditation instruction, introduction to buddhism, or other special events led by Shambhala teachers
  • Please share your name, email and best phone number to contact you.
  • Please describe the group that would like to visit. Group size, age range, experience with meditation and/or Buddhism, and any other descriptions that could help frame the visit.
  • How large is your group? (a range is ok)
  • Please describe in a few sentences what kind of activity your group is looking for. What would make the visit successful for your group?
  • Please describe what dates and times you are looking for, e.g. "Sunday afternoons 12pm-4pm in March are best, but Wednesday evenings in March could also work with advanced notice)."
  • What is your budget for this event? We are able to offer discounted rates for nonprofits and educational organizations, but still ask that groups make a donation. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.
  • Anything else it would be helpful for us to know?