Not getting our emails?

If you aren’t getting our emails, here are a few things you might try:

First, please check your spam or promotion folders. Sometimes mail gets filtered out by your email provider.

You will usually get emails from the Boston Shambhala Center in one of two ways: through our email lists or through the program database.

If you signed up for a program but are not getting any emails about it (and don’t see them in your spam or promotions folders) it is possible you unsubscribed from emails from the Shambhala Database. Due to privacy protections, we cannot sign you back up ourselves. To re-subscribe you will need to log on to the Members View of the Shambhala Database (password required) and review the “email mailing” settings in your profile. If you need a password to log in to the Database, email [email protected] and we can have a new password sent to you.



Email Subscribe imageIf you are not getting emails about upcoming programs or community news, it is possible that you unsubscribed from our email lists. If so, due to privacy protections, we cannot add you back ourselves. To re-subscribe, go to our home page and enter your email in the top right below where it says “Stay in Touch”, then click subscribe. It should send you an email to confirm. If you are getting some emails, but not the emails you expect from us, you can resubscribe the same way, and then select which list or lists you want to hear about.

Below is a summary of the lists you can sign up for:

Email signup example1: General List: Programs & Events
Emails about upcoming programs and events at the Boston Shambhala Center. Approximately 8 emails/month.
2: Monthly Highlights: Programs & Events
Emails about upcoming programs and events at the Boston Shambhala Center. Approximately 8 emails/month.
2: LGBTQ Group (2nd Sunday)
Emails about the LGBTQ meditation group which meets the 2nd Sunday of each month, and related activities. 1-2 emails per month.
3: 30’s and Under (Tuesdays)
Emails about the Tuesday night 30’s and Under group, and related activities. 4-5 emails per month.
4: Volunteer at the Center (Opportunities)
Information about volunteering at the center: working group openings, clean-up days, staffing programs. 1 email per month or less.
5: People of Color Affinity Group
Not currently meeting. Sign up to be notified if/when this group resumes.
6: Families and Children Email
Information about programs and activities relevant to children and families, such as the Heart Warriors Club. Usually 1 email per month or less.
7: Heart of Recovery: 12 Steps and Meditation
Emails about the Monday night Heart of Recovery group, and related activities.
8: Collective Liberation: Inclusivity + Race Conversations
Information about the work of liberation from harmful societal patterns. 1 email per month or less.
9: Community Updates List
Information about community activities and initiatives. This list is a good way to stay in touch for those who aren’t current, financially contributing members, as members will already get these sorts of emails. Usually 1 email per month or less.
10: End Of Life Care Group
Emails from the End of Life Care group, and related activities. 1 email per month or less.