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Enter your email in the “Sign up for our Newsletter” (even if you’re already on the list) or click here. This will let you choose which sorts of email you’d like to receive.

You can sign up for any of the following email lists:

1: General List: Programs & Events
Emails about upcoming programs and events at the Boston Shambhala Center. Generally 5-6 emails per month
2: LGBTQ Group (2nd Sunday)
Emails about the LGBTQ meditation group which meets the 2nd Sunday of each month. 1-2 emails per month.
3: 30’s and Under (Tuesdays)4-5 emails per month.
Emails about the LGBTQ meditation group which meets the 2nd Sunday of each month. 4-5 emails per month.
4: Volunteer at the Center (Opportunities)
Information about volunteering at the center. 1-2 emails per month.
5: People of Color Affinity Group (not currently running)
Stay in touch to if you want to hear about PoC programming as it develops.
6: Families and Children Email
Stay in touch with the Heart Warriors Club and other children and family programming at the Boston Shambhala Center. 1-2 emails per month.
7: Heart of Recovery: 12 Steps and Meditation
Emails about the Heart of Recovery meditation group. 1-2 emails per month.
8: Collective Liberation: Inclusivity + Race Conversations
Emails about the ongoing work of Collective Liberation, addressing systemic social obstacles to liberation.
9: Community Updates List
Updates about the community, particularly for those who aren’t active members.
10: End Of Life Care Group
Emails about the activities and programming of the End of Life Care Group.

Q. I got an email about a program – doesn’t that mean I should be the center mailing list?
A. Not necessarily. When someone registers for a program we ask for their email to be able to send information about that program, and to confirm the person’s identity (there might be another Engelbert Humperdinck out there).

Q. I used to get emails but don’t anymore. What happened?
A. Hard to say. We very rarely remove someone from an email list. Some people unsubscribe, which means we can’t email them or add them back in. In that case the only option is for them to re-register through the “Sign up for our Newsletter” link. Could be your emails spam filter (check your spam folder).