Shambhala Boston 2017 Finance Summary

The income generated at Shambhala Boston comes from the following four sources: membership dues, program revenue, donations, and other income. Membership Dues: This year, we are highlighting that Patron Contributions (gifts of $1,200 or more annually) account for 23.9% of the overall income. All other membership dues account for an additional 20.1%. Therefore, 45% of … Continue 

Preparing for the Tibetan New Year

Happy 2018 Shambhala Boston! This time of year is a sort of ‘new year limbo’ for Shambhalians – having just started a new Gregorian year while still wrapping up the Tibetan year of the Fire Bird. Instead of trying to think of which new year is true – this is an invitation to remember that … Continue 

Winter 2018 News from the Heart Warriors Club

Hello Shambhala Families!   The Heart Warrior’s Club is off to a great start! We have been meditating using the sound of the gong as our focus, learning about the 4 dignities, and having fun with crafts, movement, and play. We are looking forward to continuing the Club this winter and spring, with more themes … Continue 

BSC staff

Recycle Your Electronics with a Donation to BSC

During this time of year when the world is upgrading gadgets and offering gifts in many forms, the Boston Shambhala Center would like to call upon it’s membership to consider a donation of items that may soon start collecting dust in your life. Beyond physical gifts to the Center there are many ways that your … Continue 

Collective Liberation: One Conversation at a Time

Good morning good community! I’m writing with some updates and events that you are warmly encouraged to lean in to. More and more, our practice is being tested and called upon and it seems important for our community to show up – with our full hearts. Collective Liberation is an initiative within our sangha that … Continue 

October 2017 Update // Meet the BSC Staff

Good morning gentle warriors, Welcome to the first featured blog post to be included in our new membership newsletter! We are excited to bring you some highlights about our community and direction on a monthly basis. This month I wanted to tell you about ourselves as Center staff: who are we and what do we … Continue 

Collective Liberation: Working with Race in Boston

The Summer has somehow rambled into August and the heat has finally broken. Many of our members have been engaging in retreats and bringing home fresh inspiration and I can’t wait to hear all of your stories and ideas. Since I last wrote, there have been leaps forward for the work of race and privilege in … Continue 

Summer and Staffing Transition Farewells

Warm Greetings! As the Summer picks up steam and many of our members head out to different retreat centers, things get a little quieter here in Boston. We have had a few staff transitions recently that we wanted to honor and recognize. Almost two years ago Travis DeTour and Jenny Guth came on together as … Continue 

Community Gathering June 4th

Thanks to Ruth Blackburn for offering a summary of the event! Stepping in to help with the reporting and sharing of our community events is really the spirit that makes the community flourish, and it’s at the heart of why we gather as a community. We believe that running this community is part organizational know-how and part magic. This means that … Continue 

Staffing As Service: Q&A with Tsöndrü Joy Nicholson

On occasion we will be featuring a Q&A with an active member of the Boston Shambhala Staffing Community. Here, we connected with Tsöndrü Joy Nicholson who shared so thoughtfully and beautifully about her experience. What service practice do you feel most connected to and why? Each form of service can be profoundly moving in its own way, and I’ve been involved … Continue