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Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā: Vipaśyanā

with Elizabeth Callahan

February 15th—April 26th

Mahamudra is the practice at the heart of all Kagyu traditions. This series will focus on mahāmudrā vipaśyanā practice instructions as gateways to exploring our experiences of our own mind. Continue »

A Historical and Personal Exploration of the Shambhala Lineage

February 23rd—March 23rd

Join us for an exploration of the Shambhala lineage, a rich blend of ancient teachings, and yet a relatively brand-new lineage suited for our time of great upheaval. Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Embracing Loneliness with Karma Lӧdrӧ Gyendon

February 26th

Loneliness is an experience that all humans have but often try to resist. We reject it out of fear that it means there is something wrong with our experience. What happens when we embrace loneliness as a quality that connects us? Continue »

Milarepa Day [online]

February 27th

On this annual day of remembrance we celebrate the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, one of the three great lineages of Shambhala. We will join the Ocean and Dorje Denma Ling online practices. Continue »

Profound Treasury Study: Vipashyana – Unraveling Ego and the Discovery of Prajna

with Mary Lang & Judy Vreeland

March 3rd—April 10th

Vipashyana exists within us, and although we may not yet have experienced it there is such a thing as complete awareness beyond the technique of simple breathing meditation and walking meditation. Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Not-knowing is the Place Where Something Can Arise

with Acharya Arawana Hayashi

March 5th

Uncover the wisdom hidden in stuck places. Use the embodied practice of Social Presencing Theater to see limiting patterns, open mind and heart, and re-engage our inherent wisdom. Continue »

Welcoming Stuck Places

with Acharya Arawana Hayashi

March 6th—March 7th

The quality of our actions is a function of the quality of our awareness. Social Presencing Theater gives us tools to bring our whole embodied experience into the change process. Please bring your stuck situation with you! Continue »

Saturated Awake: Radicalizing the Three Buddha Bodies

with Adam Lobel

March 18th—April 1st

Explore the inevitable immanence of wakefulness through the Trikaya or Three Buddha Bodies, radically extended into ecosystems, psychology, and ethical action. Continue »

The Bone of Existence: The Path of a Lonely Buddha

with John Rockwell

April 13th—May 4th

Once upon a time a meditator picked up a bone in a charnel ground, and wondered how this bone came to be. Upon reflection, they concluded it came from death—someone dying... Continue »

Being Strategic, Practical, and Ethical in These Challenging Times

with Eva Wong

September 19th

Winning is desirable, but if a victory means sacrificing integrity, honor, and compassion, it is no victory at all. Continue »