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Learn to Meditate [Online]

May 24th—August 16th

First and third Sunday of the month. Bring the simple, yet profound and powerful practice of meditation into your daily life. Continue »

In Person Practice Session

August 8th

Small group sitting session as we test and refine our safety procedures for in person practices at the Boston Shambhala Center again. Continue »

Community Day [ONLINE]

August 8th

Updates and discussion for community members Continue »

The Sanity Behind Addiction: The Wisdom of Recovery [ONLINE]

with Scott Perkins

August 14th

Friday Night Talk Series: Grounded in meditation, the Buddhist teachings provide a practical means to support recovery from addictions and compulsive behaviors, as well as help us release the clinging to thoughts and impulses that lead us to suffering Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Swaying, Not Breaking, in the Worldly Winds [ONLINE]

with Elizabeth Monson

August 21st

As the world moves further into a time when there is less sacred outlook, and little support for maintaining our sanity and compassion, how can we create the conditions for responding to our lives with flexibility, clarity, warmth Continue »

Friday Night Talk - Welcoming Our True Nature: Seeing the Zen Oxherding Pictures [ONLINE]

with Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

August 28th

We will look at the Zen Oxherding pictures, a map of the Buddhist spiritual journey from "seeking" to "being in the world." Continue »

Self-Compassionate Meditation Mini-Retreat [ONLINE]

with Katherine King

August 29th

Get a deeper, more experiential understanding of what it means to practice meditation from a self-compassionate perspective. Continue »

Being Strategic, Practical, and Ethical in These Challenging Times

with Eva Wong

October 4th - Date postponed or cancelled

Winning is desirable, but if a victory means sacrificing integrity, honor, and compassion, it is no victory at all. Continue »