Community Events

Community Circle: Who are we?

with Max Roberts-Zirker & John Ranco

April 25th

Exploring the Basic Goodness of Shambhala Boston Continue »

Community Members Gathering

April 27th

This gathering of members will include practice, conversation and a chance to hear from each other in a format call Open Space which allows for multiple discussions to occur together. Continue »

Introduction to the Meditation Hall

with Jim Katz & William Wooding

April 28th

Approaching the meditation hall with mindfulness and awareness starts the practice even before we sit. Our chanting practice can strengthen our view and motivation. Many students find it helpful to have an introduction to these forms, so they can practice Continue »

A Year of Deepening Compassion Part 2: The Six Paramitas

with Diana Evans & Travis Detour

May 5th—July 14th

The path of the Bodhisattva Warrior begins with developing affection for ourselves and expands this to others, dissolving the barriers that divide us. DROP-INS WELCOME Continue »

Umdze Training

with Jim Katz, William Wooding, Dr. Brian McCorkle

May 5th

This class offers view and practice of how we relate to the meditation hall and the practice. Continue »