Midsummer's Day - Larz Anderson Park [In Person]

June 22nd -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Rained out - the Midsummer's Day BBQ is cancelled due to the forecast of rain.

    4:30-6:30 pm
    Larz Anderson Park
    Picnic Area #4


    On (or near) the longest day of the year, we connect with the cycles of the earth and celebrate our community and families. 

    This is a good time of year to watch the sunrise, to feel the wind on your skin and feel the sand or grass between your toes, fly a kite and eat with friends. It’s a way to connect with the natural world, delight in our sense perceptions, enjoy community, and synchronize with the timing of the universe instead of the clock. 

    We have a reserved picnic area with a grill, and Larz Anderson Park provides ample space for games, wandering, sky watching and other seasonally appropriate activities. Feel free to bring something to grill, a dish to share, or a picnic for yourself and your family. Frisbees, bubbles, and other activities are welcome.

    Please contact [email protected] if you are available to help.