Open House [Online]

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 pm
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Please join through Zoom URL:

Please join us for virtual sitting meditation Wednesday evenings from 7 till 8 PM.

Introduction to the the foundational technique of shamatha-vipashyana will be offered on request before sitting begins. This practice is a way of cultivating the natural strength, clarity and stability of the mind.

The practice session will consist of sitting, a brief walking meditation and a dharma reading.

No matter your experience with meditation, practicing in a group supports your personal meditation practice.


Registration is not required. If you’re coming for the first time, we welcome you as our guest. After that please consider making a donation through the donate page on our website, or through venmo @shambhalaboston0015 – and mention “Open House” in the memo. Any amount is appreciated.

Donate via 
venmo: @ShambhalaBoston0015 (use 0015 if it asks you to confirm a phone number)

Zoom links are open for 15 minutes after the start time. Then they are locked to new participants to protect the practice environment.