Harvest of Peace Fundraiser 2016


Join us on September 24th for the Harvest of Peace Community Event and Fundraiser: Information and Registration Here

Shambhala Boston offers priceless teachings held by a community that has the audacity to offer a culture of bravery in a world increasingly characterized by fear. Every single person who contributes to the service and the finances of our Center is offering this place to another person. Without you, these teachings and this environment cannot reach a world that so desperately needs reaching.

Last year, with help from our fundraiser, we were able to hire our Deputy Director, Max Roberts-Zirker as well as contribute a significant amount to Shambhala International. Your donations allow us to pay dedicated staff, maintain our glorious building in Brookline and continue to offer wakefulness in many forms to the community of Boston. This Harvest of Peace fundraiser simultaneously benefits our local center and the entire mandala of Shambhala. Part of our gross revenue every year goes to the Center of the Mandala and supports their staff and international operations.

Our 2016 Harvest of Peace Goal: $20,000

This year we have a very current and pressing local need: replacing our cooling and heating system! During the warmest part of Summer, our air conditioner crashed and we’ve been advised that the upstairs system needs replacing. It’s been estimated at $15,000+ and we’re calling upon our committed community to help us replace this crucial system before the snow falls (and the temperature drops!) We have been repairing our worn HVAC for the last two years and it has reached the end of it’s life.

Can you help us keep our meditators “not too hot and not too cold”?


Over this year we offered 102 programs and classes from Sept 2015-Sept 2016. Each of these programs had a dedicated coordinator and a host of staff who made each and every one of our programs flourish. Not only that, but we estimate that we host up to 30 new people per week through our weekly and monthly gatherings. We offered meditation instruction at a number of outside organizations this year including: Hyde Square Task Force, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Center Communities of Brookline and Yesware. We also hosted two classes at Arlington Street Church that were a tremendous success and we will continue to offer classes there this year.

The breadth of what we offered last year can’t be expressed in mere numbers. Whether it’s your time, your practice or your financial support, each of you has your own connection and inspiration for why you choose to give to Shambhala Boston in an ongoing way. Thank you for giving so generously to this community.

The money we will raise now will support the following areas in an unrestricted way:

-Replace our heating and cooling system: $15,000+ for a new HVAC Unit

-Financially support Central Services

-Allowing our ongoing operations to flourish

Help Shambhala continue to be a community of wakeful culture in the City of Boston!

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Harvest of Peace