“Let us cultivate a culture of kindness.
In that moment we are determining the outcome of the world.”
~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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Why become a member of the Boston Shambhala Center?

Membership is a way to express your support and commitment to a culture of kindness and an enlightened society. If you find the community and vision of Shambhala is valuable for you, please consider becoming a member of the Boston Shambhala Center.

Although membership is not required to participate in much of what the Center has to offer, without our community’s financial and volunteer support, we would not be able to offer all the wonderful programs, practice sessions, and events that we do.  It is because of our members that the profound tradition of meditation is able to survive and flourish. Payment of membership dues is the financial backbone of our Shambhala Center.

To support and be supported by a community of people committed to integrating contemplative practice into their daily lives:

    1. The opportunity to work with a Meditation Instructor
    2. Access to member-only events and communications
    3. Automatic membership in Shambhala’s world-wide network and access to member resources at
    4. Prerequisite for Advanced Meditation programs and Teacher Training programs
    5. Membership Pin!

A profound way to make a commitment to creating enlightened society through:

    1. Meditation Practice
    2. Volunteer Service
    3. Financial Contributions

Because you recognize the need for an urban retreat center in Boston for meditation, learning, and  contemplation.



Meditation Practice

Establishing a regular connection to mindfulness-awareness meditation and contemplative practice, and integrating this practice into daily life is considered the best way for members to support Shambhala, and to benefit ourselves and the world.

Volunteer Service

The work of the Boston Shambhala Center and much of the work of the global Shambhala community depends on volunteers. Giving our time and talents to the work of the community is a vital form of support and viewed as part of members’ practice. Volunteering puts our meditation into action and makes a vital contribution to our programs and events.

Financial Contributions

Your financial contribution sustains the activity of Shambhala, allowing us to offer meditation, community events, and courses throughout the year. Regular monthly support allows us to create and maintain a “home” for our practices and our community –  to create and model an uplifted environment that supports our practices and the Shambhala path to awakenment.

Making a financial commitment is a very important step along the Shambhala path; it’s a gesture of support to the rest of our Shambhala community, and a clear acknowledgement of the value that we feel Shambhala has in our life. Our contributions cover the majority of the center’s operating expenses throughout the year, and allows the center to plan on a yearly operating budget in offering Shambhala teachings to the world.

As a practice, generosity looks different for people in different situations. We offer some recommended contribution amounts as guidelines, but simply ask that you consider your situation and give as generously as you can – knowing that others benefit greatly from your generosity. We appreciate whatever contribution your circumstances permit.

Recommended Financial Contributions

Tiger $20 – $40/mo Beginning Level (Students/Seniors/Low-Income)
Lion $41 – $80/mo Supporting Level (Suggested for Individuals)
Garuda $81 – $120/mo Sustaining Level (Couples / Families)
Dragon $120+/mo Patron Level


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