I Ching Reading for the Year of the Water Tiger

Continuing our tradition, we consulted the I Ching for guidance in the coming year of the Water Tiger. At our community Shambhala Day celebration, we had 6 people each contemplate the question “What should we keep in mind to be of benefit for the coming year?” before casting the coins.

We received hexagram 56, with no changing lines. This year, we used an online reference and (not surprisingly) the advice seems very appropriate and timely. You can read the full interpretation here: https://divination.com/iching/lookup/56-2/

56: The Wanderer

The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey we take. Each new day is launched on a fresh landscape—one that reaches out to grab our attention. Travel is a great teacher and a great equalizer; there is an art to living on the road. Increased caution and discernment become the keys not only to success but to survival.

If you are entering a new environment, be sincere, flexible, and undemanding rather than stubborn. Get rid of attitudes and habits that could encumber you or make you too conspicuous. The onset of a great journey is not a favorable time to enter into binding agreements or to start new enterprises. And though being the wanderer offers you a certain freedom from being judged by your history, you also have no history to fortify you. Pay close attention to local customs, and honor them.