Family Practice

July 21st

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

    In Person - Third Sundays, 10:30am-12:00pm

    Family is a place of practice. How do we work with our minds and hearts in the sometimes turbulent waters of family life? We can all use reminders and support to stay connected to our patience, generosity, discipline, and wisdom. Each week we will explore a different theme - something valuable for both parents and children. 

    These sessions provide:

    • Age-appropriate, secular introduction to mindfulness (the innate qualities of one’s mind and heart);
    • Support in maintaining a sitting practice;
    • Support in developing mindfulness and compassion in the everyday moments of family life;
    • Support in aligning our parenting with our values;
    • An activity the whole family can participate in together!


    What to expect

    During our 90 minute program, some activities will happen all together as a group and others will be focused for children or adults. We will have a space for children’s activities set up in an adjoining room, or separate part of the room. One professional instructor will be available for the children, and they may either choose to work on an activity or they may choose to stay with their parents for some -or all- the session. Parents will be responsible for feeding their children and any bathroom breaks or diaper changes.

    Everyone is invited to stay afterward to share tea and BYO snacks in the community area with other families. Please refrain from bringing products which contain nuts


    Make yourselves comfortable

    This is not a silent retreat. We welcome the whole range of family life. We recognize that some children might be shy or rambunctious, some might cry, some will nurse. We will work to make the space safe for everyone, and we invite you to do what is comfortable with your own family.



    Registration is helpful, but not required. Please indicate in the comments the names and ages of children attending when you register.

    Third Sunday of each month, 10:30am-12:00pm - Suggested donation $10-$25 to help cover the cost of the children’s instructor, and the space (you can pay with a card online, or bring cash with you).


    This is an in-person event. Our location and how to get here. Note that our building is not wheelchair accessible.

    Note that masking is currently optional. You can see more details about health and safety on the Shambhala Center’s current Coronavirus Precautions Policy page.

    Additionally, we ask you to limit the use of scented products, as many people have chemical sensitivities. 

    Common questions might be answered on our FAQ page.

    Donations are welcome but not required. If you valued this practice, you might consider making a donation to the Shambhala Meditation Center through venmo @shambhalaboston0015 or through the donate page on our website – and mention “Family Practice” in the memo.
    Donate via 
    venmo: @ShambhalaBoston0015 (use 0015 if it asks you to confirm a phone number)