Earth Based Practice: Teachings of Elemental Magic [In Person]

with Adam Lobel

November 5th

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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Join a profound one-day retreat, a journey to the heart through practices rooted in the wisdom of place, land, and ecosystems. Guided by an experienced teacher with deep training in Dzogchen and Great Perfection Buddhist meditation techniques, this retreat offers a rare opportunity to get in touch with one’s mind and heart, open the senses, and re-establish our connection with the more-than-human-world.


Amidst ecological and spiritual challenges, nurturing a reciprocal relationship between humans and the living world is vital. Beneath the surface of our conscious awareness, there's an ongoing exchange of energy and information with the living world. This retreat will equip you with tools to nurture this vital connection. We will work with slowing down, sensing, and sadness as part of our rich inner landscape as we attune to the elements. 


In the teachings of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, and other contemplative methods, the living world offers ongoing communication. The elements and all things are always teaching, this is considered a sacred outlook. We will explore how such teachings of elemental magic can offer support and guidance amidst ecological crises.


Led by longtime scholar, compassionate Buddhist minister, dedicated environmental justice activist and acclaimed Ecopsychologist, Adam Lobel, has a remarkable gift for working with individuals who are deeply engaged in life-changing and life-affirming endeavors.


No specific meditative experience or familiarity with nature is required. Each participant will be able to access this profound communication at their own level in a personal and meaningful way. Whether you're new to meditation or deeply experienced, this retreat is designed to resonate with all.


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