Learn to Meditate in Challenging Times

with Jim Katz, Ruth Blackburn, Joe Snowdon

January 13th—February 3rd -Date postponed or cancelled

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In this time in history we are faced with tremendous turmoil and concerns  about ourselves, our relationships, and communities. Meditation offers us the opportunity to stabilize our minds, so we can be more caring and use our innate strength and wisdom as we navigate our daily life. We learn how to go beyond feeling better only for ourselves: we cultivate peace of mind to bring a sense of rest and purpose into our world.

This is Meditation for Challenging Times

We learn to meditate with confidence that:

  • Feeling “centered” is only the beginning
  • A “quick fix” can be our avoidance of discomfort
  • We find a ground from which we uncover our strength, stability, and compassion.

We already know that in order to help with even the smallest challenges in our lives, we need to calm our own reactions first. Meditation helps us settle into our own spot, and then decide what comes next.

Thursdays, January 13 - February 3, 2022