'Fair' for Collective Liberation Work

June 27th

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    Room: Online
    All are welcome to join - no proposal necessary.
    Proposing an idea
    Before the 27th, think about what work you want to do in the next 4-6 weeks. 
    Everyone is welcome to propose up to one (1) idea. Give it a short title and a short description that gives an idea of the amount of work and time involved. It should be something straightforward and the details (eg meeting times) can be worked out with those who opt in to the work with you. Send your proposal to me by Thursday June 25 at noon.
    Example proposals
    • Read Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Meet twice to read and discuss this important part of civil rights history.
    • Listen to the "Seeing White" podcast. We'll choose 6 of the 14 30 minute episodes, and meet each week to discuss the episode.
    • Reflect on what whiteness means to me. Deep reflection on how we understand (or don't understand) whiteness. We'll have 3 calls to discuss what comes up.
    Choosing a project
    Before we meet I will share the list of ideas around with everyone who has registered for the Fair. Then on our call on the 27th we will vote on a few proposals to focus on. For the selected proposals, we will ask each person who submitted the idea to say a bit more so we can each choose the work that suits us now. If the idea you proposed doesn't get chosen, you can either join another group or continue to do the work you initially proposed on your own.
    For those who are familiar, this is modified from an "Open Space Technology" format from Art of Hosting. I'll explain more about the structure on the call, but know that if your proposal is chosen, you are volunteering to help lead or organize that group.
    Follow-up gatherings
    In July and August we will have follow-up calls for everyone engaging in this Collective Liberation work to talk about how it's going, what we're learning and how to integrate the work into our community and our culture. I will need help to schedule and organize these calls.
    Moving forward
    This is obviously just a step to get us moving and talking together, and to start some momentum. While we're going through this work we will be developing more intentional and structured ways to engage in anti-racism work for our whole community.