Wednesday Open House: Heart and Mind Training

July 3rd

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    These drop-in evening sessions are an excellent introduction to the Shambhala community. Each session is an opportunity to learn and practice meditation in community, and then explore practice through short talks and facilitated conversation.  Instruction to Buddhist sitting practice is offered for first time meditators.

    "The goal of practice is to always keep our beginner's mind:  always be a beginner."
    - Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

    7:00 pm - Gather & tea
    7:15 pm - Instruction, practice & dharma discussion
    8:30pm - End

    All are Welcome! No matter your experience with meditation, practicing in a group supports your personal meditation practice in a variety of ways.

    No registration necessary. A $5-$15 donation at the door is greatly appreciated, but not required.