Heart of Recovery

October 14th

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    A weekly gathering bringing together Buddhist meditation practice and recovery. The group will meet weekly in the main practice room to:

    ~ Meditate with others who are in recovery or exploring recovery

    ~ Offer contemplations and readings which inspire our recovery and support our practices

    ~ Share our personal experience, strength and courage

    ~ Integrate the basic goodness of meditation with our commitment to recovery

    'Sobriety is finding a new way of living that involves engagement where there was withdrawal; generosity where there was self-centeredness; community where there was isolation; joy where there was bitterness; trust where there was cynicism.'
           ~ Kevin Griffin, One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps

    Open to all—meditation practitioners from all traditions and Twelve Step practitioners from all programs.

    Suggested donation of $2-$10

    John R. 617-699-8130
    Ginelle T. (617) 858-4746

    email: [email protected]shambhalaboston.org