Be Bold, Go Gentle Yoga

with Ann Bruck

March 10th

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  • $30 Patron
  • $25 Sustaining
  • $20 Supporting
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Room: Main Shrine Room

This Sunday afternoon practice is designed to support body awareness for a well-rounded sitting meditation practice.

These extremely accessible classes are an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement in a comfortable, supportive environment — regardless of age, flexibility, or ability. The slower pace of gentle classes offers you the time to modify each posture to best suit your body.

Whether you are easing into yoga for the first time, coming to balance another modality, or supporting yourself through pregnancy or injury, we all need to take it easy sometimes. Be bold and go gentle.

This workshop is open to all, no yoga experience is necessary. We invite you to wear loose or stretchy comfortably fitting layers. A large shawl, or small blanket, may be appreciated for the end of practice. You're welcome to bring a yoga mat if you would like, but it's not necessary. Various props will be provided to support active and resting poses.

We will begin promptly and there will not be anyone available to open the door for latecomers. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled so we can begin on time. As always, there is tea and cold water available in our community room.

Ann Bruck, Community Member - From an early age, I began exploring the world of health and wellness through sports, education and life experience. As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, I love helping people explore, learn and understand what the human body and mind is capable of doing.  
My yoga practice began as a means to supplement all of the training I was doing for a triathlon. Soon afterward, I began to see more than just the physical benefits. My mental and emotional well-being began to improve as well.  It was through my yoga practice, that a regular sitting meditation practice blossomed.