Meditation Fundamentals: Awakening Compassion [Boston Back Bay]

with Kate King

November 12th—November 26th (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $54 Sustaining
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This class will be held at Arlington Street Church located in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.
Complete directions will be provided after registration

Have you met people who seem to embody compassion, radiating love and kindness? These are inherent human qualities which can be culitivated in all of us to be more beneficial both for ourselves and for others. We can awaken and strengthen our compassion, learn to distinguish empathy, compassion and false compassion, learn to set healthy boundaries and develop resilience to avoid burn-out.

This program will draw from various texts along with the long tradition of meditation practices that show us how to melt our aggression and blame, and extend loving kindness and compassion to ourselves as well as others in our life.

Founded in 1971, the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston is part of an international community dedicated to the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. We welcome people of all religious traditions as well as those who do not follow a particular spiritual path.