Health & Well Being

Bystander Intervention Training

March 9th

How do you respond if you see someone being harassed or made uncomfortable? For anyone who would like to know how to intervene and prevent sexual violence. Continue »

Be Bold, Go Gentle Yoga

with Ann Bruck

March 10th

Support body awareness for a well-rounded sitting meditation practice. Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Understanding Addiction as Fuel for Path

with Scott Perkins

March 15th

How is addiction similar and different from the understanding of ego, grasping and other Buddhist concepts? How can Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness support recovery and how can understanding addiction and recovery enhance meditation practice? Continue »

Heart of Recovery One-Day Practice Retreat

March 16th

Establishing a daily practice is hard. This daylong intensive program will introduce meditation practice and mindfulness exercises, and will be the launching point for a 90 in 90 Meditation Support Group. Continue »

Dinner Date with Death

with Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan

March 16th

A relaxed evening of conversation, food and beverages to explore our personal connections to death. Continue »

Demonstration Sukhavati (Buddhist funeral) Service

with Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan

April 6th

A step by step walk through of a Buddhist funeral ceremony. Continue »