Buddhist Studies

"May all beings be happy..." Cultivating Compassion

June 19th—September 11th

Contemplative practice and discussion based on the classic teachings of the Four Reminders and the Four Immeasurables. Continue »

The Essence of Buddhism

with Acharya Eric Spiegel

September 14th—September 15th

The heart essence of the teachings of the Buddha are the Four Noble Truths - the truths of suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path. Continue »

Profound Treasury Mahayana Study: Discovering a World Beyond Ego

with Mary Lang, Jade Kranz, Jon Wyman

September 26th—November 7th

Join us for the next 7-week Profound Treasury module exploring the essence of the Mahayana Path - Emptiness and Compassion. Continue »

Death Fair 2019: Let’s Talk About Death

with Mary Lang, Maryl Schapiro, Nealy Zimmermann, Cathy Brennan

October 26th

6th Annual Death Fair. For Buddhists the moment of death, and how we prepare for it, are a critical opportunity on our path of awakening. An interactive workshop open to all. Continue »