Friday Night Talk: Cultural Humility: Opening the Heart and Listening to Basic Goodness

with Dr. Elaine Yuen

January 29th

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Friday Night Talks begin at 7 pm Eastern time, 8 Atlantic, 4 Mountain, 5 Pacific time

In our diverse society, we often find ourselves working with individuals who have different qualities, backgrounds, and motivations.  Part of our practice is to develop genuine communication and connection with all people and their manifestation of basic goodness.  To do this, it is useful to consider how skillfully we interact with people whose “diversity” is different from our own. 

Culture is dynamic, rather than static. It is constantly re-created and negotiated in specific social contexts. We often embody and experience a multidimensionality of cultural aspects in our everyday lives, not neatly "fitting" into singular categories.  In the face of such multiplicity, it is useful to develop an attitude of inquiry, sensitivity and active listening as there are too many cultures for any of us to know them all. 

This open attitude has been called “cultural humility”. Cultural humility does not require the mastery of lists of different beliefs and behaviors pertaining to various groups. Rather, cultural humility encourages respectful partnerships through the exploration of similarities and differences between the histories, priorities, goals, and capacities of these groups.  Cultural humility becomes a lifelong process of self-reflection and self-critique that supports cultural difference.  Although humility sometimes has the connotation of being weak or submissive, here humility refers to our strength to listen to others - their speech, appearance, and values - as well as to our own speech, appearance, and values.  

This presentation will explore how we might open our hearts to others, as well as listen and allow for conversation, longings and desires.  


Dr. Elaine Yuen is an educator, chaplain, and artist. A senior teacher within the Shambhala community, she has returned to Philadelphia from eight years teaching pastoral caregiving and contemplative education at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  Trained as an interfaith chaplain, she continues to be deeply interested in how we might shape our social interactions with caring and authentic presence.   


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