[ONLINE] The Wisdom of No Escape - Ongoing Drop In Class for Newcomers and Community Members

March 18th—June 17th

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

    Open House "Widsom of No Escape" class will be held online this week with the Zoom video platform. Clicking the link will prompt you to download Zoom on your computer, tablet or phone: https://zoom.us/j/239871535

    Consider making a donation through venmo (@shambhalaboston0015) or via the donate page on our website.

    “When people start to meditate they often think that somehow they are going to improve, which is a sort of aggression against who they really are...Meditation practice is not about throwing ourselves away and becoming something better.  It’s about befriending who we are already.” ---- Pema Chödrön

    Join us for ongoing drop-in classes based on Pema Chödrön’s classic book on Buddhist meditation practice, The Wisdom of No Escape.  The book is a series of beautiful and simple practice talks on how to be both brave and gentle with ourselves.

    There are no prerequisites for these classes - they are suitable for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners.  You can attend a single class on a drop in basis, or come for the entire series. Please join us for practice, instruction, discussion and community building!

    Weekly Topics

    March 18    Loving Kindness

    March 25    Precision

    April 1        Gentleness

    April 8        Letting Go

    April 15    Wisdom of No Escape

    April 22    Joy and Taking a Bigger Perspective

    April 29    Weather and the Four Noble Truths

    May 6        Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

    May 13    Renunciation

    May 20    Not Preferring Samsara or Nirvana

    May 27    The Four Reminders

    June 3      The Four Reminders

    June 10    Inconvenience

    June 17    Sending and Taking