Shambhala Training Weekend III: Warrior in the World

May 15th—May 17th

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  • $215 Patron
  • $175 Sustaining
  • $135 Supporting
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Room: Main Shrine Room

Having learned not to turn away from fear, we can extend that practice into everyday life situations without the barrier of the cocoon. This takes daring. Through daring and gentleness, we open to a clear perception of the world and its feedback. In doing so, our fixation on our own point of view relaxes, and we learn that we can work with whatever situation arises.

Shambhala Training Weekend III: Warrior in the World helps us begin to develop confidence in all aspects of our daily life. As with previous weekends, this retreat includes individual and group meditation instruction, teachings by a senior director, and opportunities to socialize with fellow participants.

Pre-requisite: Shambhala Training Weekend II: Birth of a Warrior


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We are committed to offering our core path programs to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

$215 Patron Level* — This price supports those who cannot attend at the Sustaining Level.

$175 Sustaining Level — The basic fee required by each participant to sustain the costs of the program.
$135 Supporting Level — This price allows people to attend programs at a discounted rate, supported by the contributions of the 'Patron' tier.
MyPrice — Allows participants to select the level of payment at which they are able to contribute. Please consider the value of the program and practice generosity at the level appropriate for you.

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Registration Notes: Lunch

-Plan to bring $15 for a catered lunch on Saturday, or bring your own lunch to be eaten together as a group.

-Sunday lunch will be out in the community or you can bring lunch with you.

We have limited space in the refrigerator and can offer use of a microwave and toaster if needed.