Visioning Week - Wednesday

November 6th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    With the view of working toward a sense of what defines us as a community - in the form of a statement of mission, vision and values - we are hosting a series of gatherings that will span three evenings in early November: Tuesday - Thursday, 11/5-11/7, 7-9pm

    Over the last year and a half, our community has come together several times to discuss where we stand as a community and what our wishes are going forward. Recently, the Board revisited the output from all of those events to look for common themes and assess what progress has been made on previous goals. (click here for a summary of notes from those gatherings).

    Building on this work, we believe it iss time to more clearly define a shared, inspiring mission for our future. We wish to bring our collective energies together to create a Mission Statement for our center. This statement will reflect our shared values as a community and guide decision-making about future priorities, activities and events.

    Before the event, we request you contemplate the following:

    • What does the center offer that is unique?
    • When you visualize a healthy, thriving center, what do you see?
    • If you were writing a Mission Statement for the Center, what would it say?
    • What inspires you to participate in the Boston Shambhala Center
    • What core values would you like to see reflected at our Center?

    If you can't attend the evening(s) but wish to share your thoughts, please get in touch with the council.