Practice and Committee work

with Max Roberts-Zirker

May 23rd

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Over the next 6 months, our focus will primarily be on building capacity as a community. This work will involve everyone. How do you want to be involved?

    This Friday we will get together to talk about how to bring the work into small groups. We'll talk about some basic guidelines for all groups, answer questions, and break out into groups to begin the work.

    The current and proposed committees are:
    Facilities: Paul Wilbur
    Fun Gatherings (Movies, potlucks, hikes, etc. including some meditation practice as well) – Emily Wynn
    Program Planning Committee – Diana Evans, Kate King, Ashley Buchanan, Max Roberts-Zirker,
    Marketing and Communications – Mary Lang, Jen McLaughlin, Amy Maguire
    Ikebana – Lourdes Ramos-Heinrichs
    Shrinekeeping – Nealy Zimmermann
    Finance Committee – John Ranco, Max Roberts-Zirker

    Current and proposed Task Forces are:
    Discussing if and how to reach out to those who have left – Judy Vreeland
    Quite a few people expressed still feeling connected to people who had left, and wanting to talk about respectful and helpful ways to reconnect where possible.
    Discussing around offering Social Meditation circles for the wider community – Travis DeTour, Emily Wynn, Anu Menon
    Discussing how to best offer a compassion training program – Charlie Trageser
    Discussing skill building programs for our community, inter-sangha dynamics – Emily Wynn, Amy Maguire, Travis DeTour, Ruth Blackburn
    Discussing the possibility of hosting a women’s group – Anu Menon
    Discussing a community resilience, harm prevention, etc. committee – Sarah Kimball, Max Roberts-Zirker

    For more context, check out the post about our last community gathering here