Full Day Nyinthun of Meditation and Contemplation on the Paramita of Generosity

with Shastri Diana Evans & William Wooding

June 2nd

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  • $25 Patron
  • $10 Sustaining
  • $5 Supporting
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Room: Main Shrine Room

All are welcome to participate in all or any part of the day.

The theme for this all-day nyinthun will be Generosity and the Six Paramitas.  The morning session (9-12) will include dharma readings on the Paramita of Generosity along with our usual nyinthun chants, sitting and walking meditation.  Meditation instruction will be offered during the morning for those requesting it.  In the afternoon session (1:30-5pm) we will view a video talk by Acharya Martin Janowitz taken from a series of talks on Buddhists ethics and compassionate action along with a brief introduction by Acharya Susan Chapman.  The video talks will be followed by group discussions and meditations led by Diana Evans. 

The day also includes lunch and tea breaks with a group lunch option, or one may bring their own. We look forward to sharing the rich tradition of Paramita practice and contemplation with you.
Warm regards,
Diana and Bill

A portion of payments for this program will be donated to Shambhala Online.

Please note:  Authorized practitioners of Shambhala Sadhana, Stroke, Ngondro & Werma
will be able to practice silently in the Tantra shrine room, joining the sitting practice group for opening and closing chants, lunch and tea.

To help us plan, please register.

Donation: Please consider a donation of $10 - $25 for this practice. All offerings are
appreciated. You can donate when registering online or in person.

June 2, 2019
9:00   Opening Chants, Sitting and walking meditation, dharma readings.
12:00 Lunch
1:30  Sitting and walking meditation;
         - Recorded talk, Acharya Marty Janowitz on Generosity
3:15  Tea break
3:35  Sitting, walking and chanting practice.
5:00. End