Umdze Training

with Jim Katz, William Wooding, Dr. Brian McCorkle

May 5th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    This session is a follow up to the Introduction to the Meditation Hall session on April 28th.

    Session 1. Introduction to the Meditation Hall:  click here to register for this session

    Session 2. Umdze Training

    Both sessions are open to all, but the Introduction to the Meditation Hall is required for Umdze Training.

    Introduction to the Meditation Hall

    This class offers view and practice of how we relate to the meditation hall and the practice. We will cover:

    * Bowing

    * Shrine practice


    *General practices

     Umdze Training

    The Umdze is the leader of a meditation session. They lead chants, relate to the shrines, keep time, and manifest meditation posture. These are fundamental skills which all Shambhala members can offer to any assembly. Practicing this confidently can raise the energy of any gathering which contains a practice period. We will also have a short presentation from the shrinekeeping perspective by Nealy Zimmermann.

    These courses will be held on two consecutive Sundays, from 1:30 - 3:30 PM:

    April 28: Introduction to the Meditation Hall

    May 5: Umdze training


    These sessions are offered by students in the Shambhala Ritual Academy, which trains Umdzes and Choppöns for all Shambhala practices. The instructors will be:

    Jim Katz

    Bill Wooding

    Dr. Brian McCorkle

    Please register so we can plan for the event.

    We are asking for an optional $10 to $20 donation to help cover the costs of this program.