A Year of Deepening Compassion Part 1: The Four Limitless Ones. Live-stream talks by the Shambhala Acharyas

with Shastri Diana Evans & Travis Detour

March 10th—April 21st

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Room: Tantra Shrine Room

The path of the Bodhisattva Warrior begins with developing affection for ourselves and expands this to others, dissolving the barriers that divide us. To support this practice, the Shambhala Acharyas have offered to lead the community in a year long series of talks, contemplative and meditation practices from the Buddhist Mahayana teachings of our lineage.

Through Shambhala Online, these talks will occur every second and fourth Sunday, beginning on February 10th and concluding in January 2020. Throughout the year, the main practice is tonglen, which will be taught by Ani Pema Chodron with both a guided meditation and an audio talk that will be posted on the home page for the course. Additionally, live online talks by acharyas will introduce and support other practices of the Mahayana. 

The year’s teachings are divided into four seasonal themes. Every three months a new course will begin but the program will be continuous. Within each season, acharyas will be offering talks that relate to that topic with their own personal approach. There will be one online discussion forum for each season.

In Boston you can register for the first series on our website, or for single sessions pay at the class. At the first class we will work out a process for make-up sessions.

We are starting after the actual beginning date of the first course, and will offer a catch-up class on March 10th, 10 am - noon.

Course I

The Four Limitless Ones, is the first course of the four-part series exploring the Shambhala Mahayana teachings. This course includes Tonglen instruction and an audio talk by Acharya Pema Chodron and an introduction to The Four Limitless Ones. It also includes:

·         Five live classes with an Acharya with an opportunity for Q&A.

·         The classes will be recorded, and each will be led by a different Acharya.

·         A live discussion led by the Acharya. Live discussions are not recorded.

·         Readings and book suggestions to deepen our understanding of these teachings

·         Contemplations to help us integrate these fundamental teachings into our daily lives

·         A discussion forum.


Course Schedule

March 10 -   10 am to noon

Catch-up session, Introducing Tonglen and the Four Immeasurables


The following live sessions are from 12:30 – 2:30

12:30 - 1 pm - sit

1 to 2:30 pm - live talk followed by discussion


March 10 - Loving Kindness

March 24 - Compassion

April 7 - Discussions

April 21 - Sympathetic Joy and Course Conclusion


The themes for the four seasons echo the virtues of the Four Dignities of the Shambhala Path:

February 10 - April 21: Tiger, friendly to self and merciful to others: The Four Immeasurables

May 5 - July 14: Lion, joy of discipline: The Six Paramitas

July 28 - October 6: Garuda, space beyond hope and fear: Heart Sutra and Sunyata

October 20 - January 19: Dragon, compassionate engagement: Lojong, mind training