Heart of Recovery One-Day Practice Retreat

with Scott Perkins

March 16th

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Room: Main Shrine Room

90 Meditations in 90 Days: Establishing a Daily Mindfulness Informed Recovery Practice

Change is hard.  Establishing a daily routine, ritual or practice is hard.  Establishing a daily routine, ritual or practice that encourages change can be overwhelming and maybe even feel impossible.  This daylong intensive program will introduce meditation practice and mindfulness exercises as well as discuss how we can support ourselves, and each other, to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into our daily recovery program and our everyday life.  This program is sponsored by the Boston Shambhala’s Heart of Recovery program and serve as a launching point for a 90 in 90 Meditation Support Group.

In addition to providing meditation instruction, practice and discussion, we will address such questions like:

• How do I start?

• What do I need to begin?

• Will meditation conflict with my own religious practice?

• How long do I have to sit?

• How do I know if I’m doing it right?

• I can stop thinking! What do I do?

• What happens if I “fail” by missing a day?

• How can I apply mindfulness to the triggers, emotions, and daily upheavals that that cause suffering for myself and others?

Join us for a day.  Join us for 90 days, but only one day at a time—moment by moment



Scott Perkins has been practicing and studying Buddhism since 1988. He received his Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from Naropa University in 1992 and has been teaching on Buddhism and Meditation for over 30 years. Scott is a recovery coach helping individuals craft personal paths/programs that support their recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors while strengthening their ability to fully experience their own lives with sanity, courage, and compassion. He started his path of recovery on Christmas Day, 2005 and has been exploring the intersection of sobriety and meditation since that time.  He founded, and has led, the Washington DC Heart of Recovery meditation group for individuals whose lives have been touched by addiction in 2006 . Starting in 2013, he began teaching meditation retreats and programs for people in recovery across the country. He serves as the Chairperson for Shambhala's International Heart of Recovery Working Group providing assistance to developing Heart of Recovery programs throughout the country. His is also the Director of Development for a health care policy organization in Washington, DC, where he lives DC with his husband and their two dogs.  He has a life-size wooden rocking horse in his back yard.  More background is available at ScottAndrewPerkins.com.