Demonstration Sukhavati (Buddhist funeral) Service

with Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan

April 6th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    For Buddhists, the 3 days after death are an important time in the journey for the person who has died, at the end of which a funeral service is performed.  These rituals and practices help both the person who has died, and those who are left behind, to arouse compassion and to let go of this life.

    Join us as we explore the Buddhist view of how to take care of a body after death and describe and explain the format of the funeral (or memorial) ceremony.  We will also touch on how to make your wishes known ahead of time, particularly within the Buddhist/Shambhala context.

    Led by the Shambhala Center’s End of Life Committee Members: Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan, Susan Dreier, and Felipe Gazos Lopes

    Please register at the link below so we know how many people to plan for. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE for this event, but please consider contributing a donation to the center to help support this activity.