Dinner Date with Death

with Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan

March 16th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Community Room

    (photo courtesy Wonderlane on Flickr)

    You can think of death bitterly or with resignation, as a tragic interruption of your life, and take every possible measure to postpone it.  Or more realistically, you can think of life as an interruption of an eternity of personal non-existence, and seize it as a brief opportunity to observe and interact with the living ever-surprising world around us.”

    Barbara Ehrenreich, from Natural Causes

    For Buddhists, the moment of death and how we prepare for that moment, is a critical opportunity on our path of awakening. As practitioners trained to let go, bear witness, and extend compassion, we have much to learn from our own contemplation of death itself. Mostly, however, we pretend that death will not happen to us and fear even talking about it.

    Join us for a celebratory evening of conversation, food and beverages to explore the topic of death.  This will be a potluck dinner.  You may bring a dish or beverage to share.

    Led by the Shambhala Center’s End of Life Committee Members: Mary Lang, Nealy Zimmermann, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan, Susan Dreier, and Felipe Gazos Lopes

    This event will be held in the downstairs community room

    6 to 7 pm:  Introductions and small group discussions on the topic of death and dying

    7 to 9 pm:  Pot luck dinner

    If you want to learn more about Buddhist funeral services, we will also be offering a mock sukhavati (Buddhist funeral) service as an educational training on April 6th.  Click here for more information.

    Please note in the comments when registering if you have any accessibility concerns - visual, sound, mobility or sensitivity to incense or chemicals. There are 6 outside stairs to enter the building. We will hold this event on the first floor to avoid a flight of stairs up to the meditation halls.

    Please register at the link below so we know how many people to plan for. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE for this event, but please consider contributing a donation to the center to help support this activity.