Nicole Arseneault Celebration and Bon Voyage

November 14th (2018)

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    Room: Community Room

    Nicole has been an invaluable staff and community member to the Boston Center, and we want to say thank you before she moves!

    She started working for the center as the Marketing and Program Manager in February 2017, but she offered so much more than fits in that description. Any of you who took or staffed a program in the last few years can thank Nicole for helping make the container strong and supportive for teaching the dharma.

    Nicole has put her heart and her mind into the hard work of supporting our community, so lets honor the lungta she has brought to us over these years by sending her on her travels with many blessings.

    Please join us on November 14th at 6pm to thank Nicole and raise a toast to her dedication and service to our community.

    Email [email protected] if you'd like to contribute to the planning or offerings of the par-tay!