Neutral Day: Uncovering Sacred Space

February 4th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Every year we come together for the traditional activity of Neutral Day: Cleaning!

    Neutral Day is the day before the lunar New Year Celebration of Shambhala Day. It falls at the end of the Dön season, which is the end of the previous year when it is said that karma and negativity ripens and extra care and attention is vital for the fresh start of the New Year.

    Cleaning before the New Year is a way of attracting positive energy into the environment, or as we say in Shambhala: “Drala.” It allows us to put time and energy into uplifting our space to start the year with a sense of freshness, new beginning, openness and possibility.

    Usually we do projects that aren't attended to all year. Organizing, cleaning and finishing any lingering needs the Center has. Doing so as a group adds some extra fun and zeal to the whole experience.


    Morning 9-12pm

    Vajrayana sangha will be organizing and sorting through liturgies.

    All others are invited to begin deep cleaning and organizing the Center.

    Lunch Break 12pm-1pm

    Pizza lunch will be provided for morning and afternoon shifts.

    Afternoon 1pm-5pm

    We will be doing deep cleaning and light organizing of the Center.

    Group shrine cleaning will take place both in the morning and in the afternoon. This will also include organizing the closet in the small shrine room.  Anyone is welcome. 

    If you wish to become a shrine keeper, please email [email protected] to be connected with the next training session. 

    Areas to be worked on include:

    Shrine cleaning:  Team Leader:  Nealy Zimmermann

    Organizing and sorting through liturgies (looking for Vajrayana team leader)

    Shrine Rooms + Suite (looking for a team lead)

    Post Meditation Hall + Stairwell (looking for a team lead)

    Community Room + Restrooms (looking for a team lead)

    Kitchen + Tea Area

    Outside Grounds (looking for a team lead)

    Please Register so we can best organize teams.

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