Meditation Fundamentals: Building a Sitting Practice [Boston Back Bay]

with Shastri Nick Kranz

September 10th—September 24th

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This class will be held at Arlington Street Church in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood
Complete directions will be provided after registration

 Am I cut out for meditation? Will it bring peace? Will my friends and family notice a difference? Will it make me better at my job? Can it help me navigate the ups and downs of life with more joy and ease?

Like exercise, meditation is part of a healthy lifestyle which can bring many benefits over time. Learning to be present with your experience - beneath the reactionary habits - uncovers the natural vibrancy and insight of the mind. It's much more than a mental activity - it's an embodied activity and a societal activity as well.

This three-part series is an ideal way to bring the simple yet profound and powerful practice of meditation into your life. Each theme will be presented and then unpacked both logically and experientially through discussion, contemplation, and dialogue.

Each class will focus on a particular theme:

  • Finding your Seat
  • Working with Emotions, Distractions, and Doubt
  • Establishing a Regular Practice

Shambhala instructors have experienced the benefits themselves and are trained to help students tap into the inherrent wakefulness that all humans posess.

Founded in 1971, the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston is part of an international community dedicated to the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. We welcome people of all religious traditions as well as those who do not follow a particular spiritual path.