Armor of Fearlessness: A Shambhala Understanding of Dying and Death

with Acharya Eric Spiegel

October 6th—October 7th (2018)

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Room: Main Shrine Room
Impermanence and change, at the time of death in particular, are moments fraught with anxiety but also filled with potential. The Buddhist teachings say that times of transition – intermediary times known as “bardo” -- are moments when we can experience great freedom and possibility, but instead what we usually do is freeze and freak out, at even just the thought of it. 

In this program we will explore the rawness of death and change and explore the meaning and practice of bravery where we usually find fear and uncertainty. We will also work with the Armor of Fearlessness chant for contemplating the intermediary state.

This program is open to the public with no pre-requisites, prior meditation experience is recommended.

Acharya Eric Spiegel has been teaching in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition for over 40 years and has studied directly with both Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. 

In addition to a 40 year career in finance, from which he recently retired, Eric has spent many years working closely with students with HIV and other life-threatening illnesses and relating with the traditional Tibetan buddhist teachings on death. Lately he has been teaching extensively on the topics of "Fearlessness" in relating to death and also on the place of “Wealth & Power” in spirituality.

He is interested in exploring the nature of mind and meditation as they relate to the hard complexities of real life: how do we practice work, practice money, relationships, health, and aging while maintaining an uplifted and forward vision about our life.

$ 5:00 PM