Harvest of Peace - Community Practice and Fundraiser

September 22nd (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    The Harvest of Peace is a special Shambhala Community celebration of the Fall Equinox - harvesting in the northern hemisphere and planting in the southern. This time is connected with Ratna energy of nourishing, supporting and enriching. It is a time to contemplate what nourishes us personally and as a community. Balancing home, work, social and spiritual lives can be very demanding, so we can take some time to examine and re-seed our relationship with generosity and abundance which strengthen and sustains us throughout the year.
    We will be practicing the Shambhala Sadhana together, which is a unique opportunity for those who have not yet received this practice. It is a wonderful way to connect to the heart of Shambhala and the wish to benefit all beings.
    This important gathering offers the opportunity to practice together, share food, hear teachings, and support our local community with a seasonal fundraiser. It's a time of encouragement, raising each other's energy and rousing excitement for the year to come.
    Schedule for the day:
    12:30 Tea
    1:15 Lhasang & New Member Welcome
    1:30 Shambhala Sadhana
    2:45 Break
    3:00 Community updates and address by local Council and incoming Interim Director
    4:00 Local Fundraiser
    4:45 Potluck reception


    Please come for the whole afternoon if you can! If you can only attend part of the day, especially if you are bringing children, please let us know which part you will be attending in the notes section when you register.

    Child Care
    After reaching out to families, childcare won't be offered for this event. Children are welcome, but childcare will not be provided.
    This day is entirely community-led. Consider getting involved early by emailing [email protected] to out your name in the hopper. The following areas need leaders and helpers:
    Flower Arranging
    Food & Kitchen support
    Fundraising support
    Audio Visual (Live-braodcast and audio system)
    General staffing
    Practice and ritual support

    Even if you don’t have a full, plentiful bank account, you can still inspire other people. You can inspire them to build richness in themselves. It is not so much a question of simply buying a cow in the autumn, when it has abundant milk. We are talking about buying a cow in the spring. Later on it might have an abundance of milk. Therefore, we buy cows who have gone through the hardships of winter, but who also have sizeable udders that might full up with milk later….When autumn comes they will give lots of milk, and we can make lots of cheese and butter.

    Fundraising can be a process like that. When the first panic comes–no bank account, no money–you don’t declare your poverty. You find that there is a way to adopt the psychology of richness and nonattachment.

    - From “Paramita Practice: Generosity,” in The 1980 Hinayana-Mahayana
    Transcripts, page 111.