SOLD OUT Confronting Systemic Racism: 5-Week Workshop

January 22nd—February 19th

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    Room: Tantra Shrine Room

    This 5-week workshop is designed to help participants come to a deep understanding of personal and structural racism, and then bridge that understanding into commitments of social action with a solid plan for moving forward. We will examine our experiential roles in the dynamics of systemic racism and find the next step in framing our roles in social justice movements. The course is geared to talk openly about our lived experience in a racist and oppressive society as well as move beyond words toward action to dismantle racism, whether in our own personal sphere or in our communities.

    Please join two local faciliatators from Boston's Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC) for this powerful and transformative workshop. All are welcome but it's important to note that the course takes an explicit view that: transforming both ourselves and our society to be racially just implicates a responsibility in white and privileged folks to engage in this work more robustly.

    Tuition is $80 per person. Sliding-scale need-based scholaships are available from ARC. Since this is an outside program being presented at the Boston Shambhala Center. Registration is now closed since the program has reached capacity and we will not have space for walk-in students. Please click the link below to check out other programs with ARC.

    For more information about ARC please visit them here: