"Meditate" - Open House: Weekly Practice Gathering

January 24th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Open House gatherings are an excellent way to connect with the Shambhala community. Each session is an opportunity to learn and practice meditation together, followed by an exploration of why we practice through short teacher talks and facilitated conversation. It is a chance to meet and discover with other practitioners how we can apply the presence, gentleness, and courage that we cultivate on the meditation cushion to the challenges we face in our relationships, our work, our communities, and our society altogether. The evening concludes with a light reception to engage our hearts and minds in a social setting.

    Join us weekly as we are currently exploring the topics presented in Sakyong Mipham's new book The Lost Art of Good Conversation. All practice levels are welcome!

    To best support the practice environment, we will enter the meditation hall together at 7pm and the doorbell will not be answered after 7:30pm. If you arrive after this time we encourage you to join us again next week.

    There is no registration required and we welcome people of all practice levels. There is a suggested donation of $5 - $10, everyone is encouraged to practice generosity at the level that feels most appropriate. Your donations support programs such as this and promote a bright, caring, and brave environment.