Preparing to Die: Book Discussion Series

with Nealy Zimmermann, Cathy Brennan, Maryl Schapiro

September 27th—October 25th (2017)

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Room: Kalapa Suite

“The most important spiritual preparation for death is to lead a genuinely spiritual life.”

This first line from Andrew Holecek’s wonderful book, Preparing to Die, succinctly states the Tibetan Buddhist view of living and dying. We will use Andrew’s book as the foundation for class discussion, supplemented with readings from The Tibetan Book of the Dead and other sources, as well as liturgies and resources from the Shambhala International Practice Manual. This class is an opportunity to discuss topics from Preparing to Die in the company of other practitioners with similar interests and concerns.

Topics to be covered include practices and teachings to prepare for death, the moment of death and the teachings on the bardo, and how to help family and friends who are dying. Based on the Tibetan teachings on bardo and reincarnation, we will also explore what is helpful for both ourselves and for others after the moment of death. Shambhala and Buddhist end of life practices and rituals will be explained.

This class is open to anyone, regardless of meditation experience or previous involvement with the End of Life Committee. Our format will include brief sitting meditation followed by open discussion and dialogue. The expectation is that participants will have read the relevant chapters in Andrew Holecek’s book before each class.

Facilitated by members of the Boston End of Life Committee.