Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation

with Erika Berland

June 7th (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
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    If you're curious about integrating body awareness deeper into your meditation practice, we invite you to join Erika Berland for an exploration and discussion of these topics from her new book Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation.

    For many meditators, specific and detailed instruction in the sitting posture of meditation has made the difference between the struggle to conform to an ideal posture or the ability to relax into the posture as a perfect expression of joy and freedom.

    Sitting is a handbook for deepening your experience of the ancient posture of sitting meditation. Drawing on research in somatic education and experiential anatomy, guided exercises can help you release tension and stress and increase your body awareness in your daily life. At the core of this guide are practical and experiential techniques that you can work with over many months and years.

    Books will be available for 20% off the cover price for book signing after the event

    Erika Berland has had a long and distinguished career in the fields of performance, movement and massage therapy, and the integration of dance, physical theater and contemplative practice with somatic education. She is a founding faculty and co-creator of the unique movement curriculum of the MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance Program at Naropa University. An early student of the founder of Shambhala, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and a long time teacher of meditation, her research includes the integration of meditation practice and view in the Shambhala tradition with performance techniques and holistic support for the performer.