Collective Liberation: An Affinity Group for White People

with Shastri Nick Kranz, Ashley Hodson, Max Roberts-Zirker

June 1st—August 17th (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    Program Registration is Closed.

    The Group:
    After exploring together in the first module this past winter, we are starting the Collective Liberation Affinity Group for White People up again with help and feedback from that first dialogue; It is not necessary to have taken the previous module to join this group. The group is for those who self identify as white and are wishing to learn, listen, and unpack their notions of ‘whiteness’ with fearlessness in the cradle of loving kindness.

    In an effort to create space for discussion we are limiting the group size to 15 participants. Led by the same three committed teachers in the Shambhala tradition who held the last module, they will be facilitating in a way that encourages shared agreements and individual responsibility.

    The Module:
    A 3-month module reading and discussing the book Waking up White by Debbie Irving. The invitation is for those who recognize the need for looking directly and compassionately at racism in one's own experience and have a discussion amongst white people to understand the obstacles and privileges that are carried unconsciously throughout our communities, relationships, and institutions.

    If you hold a leadership role - either in Shambhala or your own family or workplace - you are warmly encouraged to participate in this important discussion. Each meeting will include short meditation practice, dialogues in pairs and open discussion formats to encourage bravery and compassion. We will form principles of working together as a group as we go through the module, building shared language and agreements. Weekly reading assignements from the book will be directly incorporated into our discussions.

    For more background on this conversation within the Shambhala community, please read the two blog posts by our Executive Director Ashley Hodson "Collective Liberation" and "Bravery, Love and Race".

    Please register for this program if you are able to attend the full 3-month module:

    7-9pm, Shambhala Boston, Thursday evenings twice a month on the following dates:

    6/1, 6/15, 7/6, 7/27, 8/3, 8/17

    One gathering may be missed, but not more than that if possible.

    This group is limited to 15 people, please register early so we can plan accordingly.