Qigong: Levels I & II

with Eva Wong

July 15th—July 16th (2017)

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  • $250 Patron
  • $200 Sustaining
  • $200 Supporting
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Room: Main Shrine Room
Program Registration is Closed.

Repeaters Price: $85 Full Weekend (Please register and add 'REPEATER' in the comment section, we will email you with a separate payment link)

Qigong strengthens joints, muscles, tendons, and bones, nourishes internal organs, stimulates circulation of energy in our body, and enhances mental clarity. Qigong is not only for healthy individuals; it is an excellent way to gently introduce mobility and relaxation to persons with physical challenges. Qigong also helps build a strong foundation for sitting meditation.  

Participants will be introduced to several basic practices of qigong that include self-massage, stretching, standing postures, and meditation.  The forms presented in this program draw from two unique lineages, the Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and the Yiquan School. This weekend program is the introduction and foundation for a progressive program of qigong instruction presented by Eva Wong and authorized instructors, exclusively through Shambhala centers.

This is a LGBTQ friendly event. Eva Wong is a passionate supporter of the LGBTQ community and feels strongly that the form of Qigong that she teaches has the ability to strengthen the immune system and address the physical manifestation of historical and spiritual pain that has been long-suffered by the LGBTQ community. This program is being co-sponsored by the Shambhala LGBTQ Meditation Group.  

In Level One (Saturday), students will be instructed in techniques of outer and inner qiqong. Outer qigong is concerned with strengthening the muscular-skeletal system: joints, muscles, tendons, bones and the spinal column. Techniques of tendon changing, marrow washing, self-massage and calisthenics will be taught. Inner qigong is concerned with nourishing the internal organs and cultivating qi, or internal energy. Students will learn Chen Xiyi's sleeping and walking qigong and Wang Xiangzhai's standing qigong.

There are no prerequisites for Level One.

In Level Two (Sunday), students will learn the Nine Self-Massage Techniques and the Twelve Devas Tendon-Changing system in their entirety. The Self-Massage Techniques focus on stimulating the meridians and acupuncture points; the Twelve Deva forms focus on recovering flexibility, strength and softness in the tendons and muscles. In addition, students will continue to learn new forms of Wang Xiangzhai's standing qigong that are designed to preserve, gather and circulate internal energy.

This program must be taken as Level One and Level two together, as one entire program. Partial registration (for just Level One for example) is not possible.

Seating for this event is limited, payment is required at the time of registration to reserve a seat.

Please note that students should not teach any form of Xiantianwujimen or Yiquan Qigong without permission from the Lineage.