Golden Key

with Shastri Bill Brauer

June 22nd—June 25th (2017)

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  • $265 Patron
  • $230 Sustaining
  • $175 Supporting
  • ($65.00 Material Fee included in each price.)
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Room: Main Shrine Room
Program Registration is Closed.

Golden Key begins Thursday evening. We will meet all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Sacred Path program continues to deal with bringing the principles of warriorship and the practice of mindfulness-awareness into daily life. In particular, it is designed to nurture the student's natural ability to experience the world as sacred and his or her aspiration to create an enlightened society.

Drawing wisdom from The Letter of the Golden Key, a Shambhala root text that addresses our relationship to the material world and our sense perceptions, we will learn the practice of enriching presence—the ability to instantly sense the inner wealth within ourselves, phenomena and the natural world.

Golden Key is open to all who have completed the Outrageous & Inscrutable level of the Sacred Path program.

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