The Shambhala Principle in Psychology, Mysticism & Politics

with Acharya Adam Lobel

December 5th (2013)

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Room: Main Shrine Room
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The Shambhala Principle is the experiential recognition of the basic goodness of all beings and society itself.  This broad principle is not simply a belief or ideology, but something that can be explored in personal experience.  When we do so, it is relevant to many aspects of human life.  

In this talk, Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel will explore the relevance of the Shambhala principle in three dimensions: psychology, mysticism, and politics. Many developments in Western psychology, global mystical traditions, and political theories can help us understand the Shambhala principle in comparative perspective. Drawing on teachings from within and beyond the Shambhala tradition, Acharya Lobel will invite us into a reflection on what it means to be alive in our times, shedding light on our assumptions about human nature, and expanding the context for our spiritual practice.