LGBT One-Day Retreat: Queerness and Goodness

with Charlie Byron

March 10th (2013)

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  • $140 Patron
  • $110 Sustaining
  • $85 Supporting
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Room: Main Shrine Room
Program Registration is Closed.

No other group in Western society is so defined by its “otherness” - our Queerness. We seem to be unique that way. It’s no wonder so many of us grew up thinking there was something wrong with us.  By now, we may take our queerness for granted, a dailyreality; we live pragmatically in the world, “queer” and ordinary. 

The Buddhist view of Basic Goodness says that there is no fundamental flaw. In fact it says we can experience our own goodness as easily as breathing. For queers, (of whatever stripe), this ground of basic goodness offers the possibility of looking with interest and kindness at our experience: past and present, pleasant and painful. We can reframe the adaptations we may have made to survive, and reclaim our wholeness. 

It’s possible we may end up no less queer, but perhaps much less other. Ultimately, that which sets us apart has the potential to become our greatest contribution. 

This one-day program will combine: 

• sitting meditation instruction and practice 

• guided contemplation 

• discussion in dyads and groups 

• lunch together - lunch is not included in the program registration fee; you can bring your own lunch or order here the morning of the program

All queers, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, and those questioning are welcome.  

The program will end with a light reception and time for socializing from 5 to 6pm.

Charlie Byron came out at age 21, met his (now) husband Morris McCain a few years later, and married him (legally) a few years ago. Charlie started practicing meditation in 1992 as a strategy for staying in their relationship. Over the years he became a Buddhist and since 2000 has been a teacher of Shambhala Buddhism. Charlie and Morris lived in Boston’s South End for around 20 years; in 2010 they moved to northern Vermont.  

Generosity Policy: While the Center must raise revenue to remain open and grow, no one should be prevented from participating in a program because of financial circumstances. If you are unable to afford the supporting level of payment, please contact us prior to the program to discuss what a generous offering would be for you. It is also possible to give to the Center through our Path of Service. Please e-mail [email protected] or call 617-734-1498 to discuss our Generosity Policy or to discuss other ways of getting involved.