Radical Responsibility: A Pathway to Authentic Relationships and Social Transformation

with Acharya Fleet Maull

June 28th—June 30th (2013)

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Room: Main Shrine Room
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Radical Responsibility, the title of a forthcoming book by Acharya Fleet Maull, is an approach to realizing personal freedom and creating authentic relationships based on choosing to take 100% responsibility or ownership not only for what we clearly create in life but also for whatever shows up, regardless of any apparent connection to our own actions. In this provocative weekend program, Acharya Maull will draw clear distinctions between genuine responsibility and the shame-based blaming that dominates our culture, while challenging the audience to look at all the ways we give our power and freedom away and compromise our authenticity in everyday life.

Acharya Fleet Maull has been developing and leading innovative trainings in integral, transformative and mindfulness-based approaches to effective communication, authentic leadership, team building and organizational and social change for the past 25 years.  In this intensive, experiential workshop, participants will be introduced to an integrated set of transformative communication, leadership and community building skills and practices while cultivating greater personal resilience, empathy, compassion and emotional & social intelligence.  The training will include mindfulness-awareness meditation instruction and practice, experiential exercises, coaching and small group discussions. This weekend is ideally suited for community leaders and activists, teachers, social service professionals, business and nonprofit leaders, consultants and organizational change agents.

If you wish to only attend the Friday night talk, the fee is $25. Please make a note when you register that you are only attending Friday night. Here are the Friday night details:

Rediscovering Goodness and Virtue – The Basis for a Good Human Society and Global Sustainability

Acharya Maull will explore the foundations east and west for recognizing the innate goodness of humanity as opposed to a notion of human nature as essentially flawed and how rediscovering our natural inclination to goodness and virtue may be the essential catalyst for positive social and political transformation and a more benevolent and sustainable way of living together on the earth.

Fleet Maull has been a student of the Vidyadhara, the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1977 and is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.  He earned a masters degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University in 1979.  He is currently completing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in social psychology.  His teaching and peacemaking activities range from retreat and Dharma centers to the streets of major cities, to former death camps in Poland, to Rwanda and Israel-Palestine, to corporate board rooms and to the forgotten world inside our jails and prisons.  Fleet is the author of Dharma in Hell, the Prison Writings of Fleet Maull and numerous articles and book chapters in the fields of corrections, end of life care and socially engaged buddhism.


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