Adding new board members

Description of Board of Directors for Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston:

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston has a board of 6-8 Directors who hold legal responsibility for financial health of the Shambhala Center, prudent management of our resources and the ongoing care of our community.

Community members can either apply themselves, or nominate another community member. Applicants do not need to be nominated by someone else first. Applicants will be scored on various criteria by a review team. Any community member who wishes to can be part of this review team may volunteer.

Click here to apply to join the board

Click here to nominate someone

Click here to join the review team


  1. Board opens applications and nominations process, to be collected online (January 31st)
  2. Community volunteers are solicited to join the Review Team. (Members of the Review Team may not apply for a BSC Board position.) (February 12th)
  3. Nominations close February 17
  4. Applications close February 24th
  5. Review Team will rank applicants on 5 qualities on a scale of 1-5. (February 28 – March 8)
    1. Leadership
    2. Care for the community
    3. Ability to work collaboratively and act for the benefit of others
    4. Good listening skills
    5. Relevant experience for the Boston Center
  6. Current board will receive those rankings, review the applications, and check references if necessary (March 8 – March 11)
  7. Current board will invite two board members to join by March 14


Role and Responsibilities of Shambhala Boston Board of Directors

  • To serve for a 2 year term, with a possibility to renew.
  • Legally required to act in good faith in furthering the stated purpose of the Shambhala organization, and follow an ethical code of conduct.
  • Make or delegate decisions about hiring, compensation, and termination of Executive Director.
  • Be a part-time volunteer on a working board. Current board members offer between 5-10 hours each week. This time includes:
    • Participation in monthly 90 minute board meetings and quarterly half-day retreats,
    • Attending community meetings, center events, and other gatherings.
    • Communication (Email, phone and video Zoom calls) scheduling, responding to community issues and concerns
    • Hosting community conversations in person or over Zoom
    • Serving on at least one committee.

Personal and Professional Qualities of Board Members

  • A commitment to the Shambhala vision of a sane and kind human society, and the skillful means of meditation, bravery and gentleness
  • Demonstrated commitment to the Boston Shambhala Center
  • At least 2 years participation in center programs or activities
  • An established meditation practice and ability to approach problem-solving from a mind of practice
  • The desire to work collaboratively and make decisions by consensus
    • Ability and willingness to listen.
    • Open minded, without a fixed agenda.
    • Self-aware, committed to decreasing implicit bias in personal and organizational decision-making.
    • Ability to collaborate with others (team player).
  • Preferably a background in at least one of the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Diversity/inclusion
    • Buddhist studies
    • Nonprofit organizations and regulations
    • Strategic planning
    • Crisis management
    • Community engagement
    • Financial management

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application form (link here) including
    • Why you are interested in joining the board
    • What you believe you have to offer the community
    • A resume or narrative summary of professional background
    • A brief history of your involvement with Shambhala

How to nominate

  1. Fill out the nomination form (link here), describing why you believe this person would make a good board member
  2. Nominees will be contacted and invited to apply

Community Review

  • Fill out the form to join the review team (link here)
  • Reviews will be done individually and submitted online. Reviewers will not be anonymous, but will be held confidentially by the board.
  • Applicants will be reviewed on the following 5 criteria
    • Leadership
    • Care for the community
    • Ability to work collaboratively and act for the benefit of others
    • Good listening skills
    • Relevant experience for the Boston Center
  • Any community member not applying for a board position may join the review team.