Starting Out


Practicing in Nature with Himalayan Yogis [ONLINE]

with Dylan Bianchi & James Wilton

September 14th—October 12th

Through this series, engage with the spiritual biographies and songs of wandering Buddhist ascetics, and invoke the natural world as a support for meditation practice. Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Expanding Awareness: The Alchemy of Transforming Unconscious Bias

with Aarti Tejuja

September 25th

Many of us practice meditation to transform our own habitual patterns, but a personal meditation practice often doesn’t shine a light on unconscious bias. What tools help us see and work with these patterns? Continue »

Being Strategic, Practical, and Ethical in These Challenging Times

with Eva Wong

October 4th - Date postponed or cancelled

Winning is desirable, but if a victory means sacrificing integrity, honor, and compassion, it is no victory at all. Continue »

Profound Treasury Hinayana Study: Shamatha - A Meditator’s Toolkit

with Mary Lang, Jade Weston, Judy Vreeland

October 15th—November 19th

Join us for this fall’s Profound Treasury module exploring the very foundation of the Hinayana path of individual liberation – Chӧgyam Trungpa's classic teachings on the sitting practice of meditation. Continue »

Friday Night Talk: Trusting the Path of Nontheism

with John Rockwell

October 16th

This talk and discussion will explore our personal experience of what and who we trust, particularly on a spiritual path. All are welcome. Continue »